Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Customisable sketchbook - plain hardcover journal that you can decorate yourself!

Plain Hardcover Journal - available in a selection of ruled, graph or blank pages

I have designed some plain, customisable hardcover journals and other products which you can decorate yourself once you have bought them. Just grab a sharpie (cokey pen) and get creative! It can be a black sketch, like a selfie, or add some colour, the choice is yours! The printed covers are excellent for sketching on, ask me, been there, done that!

I have done a few sketches just to show you what can be done. Please make sure your sharpie or cokey pen is waterproof, you don't want your beautiful designs smudged all over your journal or t-shirt!

Customised front cover

View of open customised Hardcover Journal

Example of a customised journal - pencil and sharpie sketch of some bamboo, inspirational words written on the back cover and a hand-written title on the spine. Add your name and you have a once-off, unique product.

Plain uncustomised T-shirt

Many of the other products can also be customised, like the ladies and men’s T-shirts - just add a sketch or some inspirational words with a sharpie or some fabric paints and voila! your very own customised T-shirt!
Plain tote bag, lovely as it is or
customise your tote bag with a black sharpie sketch of a butterfly.

Plain Throw pillow

Here is a sketch of a wild turkey done with a black sharpie on a plain Throw pillow

Plain Graphic t-shirt

Black sharpie (Cokey pen) sketch of a dragon -  You can go as plain or as intricate as you like. Let your creative juices flow!

Plain Hardcover Journal and other products available here


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