Friday, 25 November 2016

Gifts for the garden-lover

We all have a loved one, a friend or a family member who loves gardening. And now, gifting for these special people has never been easier! You will find many ideal gifts for the garden-lover in my portfolio. Surprise family and friends with a unique gift this festive season. Forget the bath salts, socks and ties - clothing, wall art, home décor, stationery, cases and skins for your gadgets and bags, all to be found at my RedBubble shop. Please also note that I have lowered my prices on ALL ITEMS until the 24th December 2016 as a Festive Season Special! And together with regular discounts offered by RedBubble, now is the opportune moment to do your Christmas Shopping!

Tote bags make ideal gifts for all those gardening tools, a bar of soap, your phone, gardening journal, garden gloves (but not the wheel barrow!) and a snack for the field mouse! That's how sturdy they are!

But these gorgeous tote bags are not just for gardening - use them while shopping for groceries, when going to the library, for camping, going to the beach and for collecting wild grasses and flowers while out hiking. Your imagination and the sky's the limit!

The ideal gift for those that love the outdoors - Beautify and brighten up your garden or patio set with these gorgeous throw pillows!
Choose matching colours or go for mix and match, either way you will create a lovely setting for breakfast or lunch or that special garden party!

Comfortable and easy to wear leggings are the greatest invention since sticky pudding! Ideal for gardening as they allow easy bending and kneeling and even climbing a tree!
Enjoying a cup of coffee is always part of my gardening ritual. Taking a well-deserved break from digging and planting, a cup of coffee always gives me that extra energy!

Calendula coffee mug

Beat the summer heat with a comfortable tank top. Teemed with your leggings, it's the ideal gardening garb.

A relaxed fit t-shirt goes a long way towards comfortable gardening.


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

OPEN for Christmas shopping!

My RedBubble Store now open for Xmas shopping!

Whether or not you believe in Christmas, you don’t need to be a Christian to appreciate Christmas as a time of compassion and kindness. The joy of family get-togethers and giving and receiving gifts is as old as the hills, and this time of the year there's always extra excitement in the air!

I know it's the thought in the giving of a gift that counts, but how about breaking away from socks, ties, bath salts and candles this year and get a gift with meaning this year, something that shows you really thought about that friend or loved one during this festive season.

In my RedBubble store you will find many items to delight any member of your family, a friend or someone you have not seen for ages. Sending a special gift to someone far spreads joy and a feeling of being special.

So here are some suggestions to get your creativity flowing!

Mugs with words
Brighten up their Christmas morning with a colourful, festive coffee mug!

Journals and Diaries

iPad Cases and Skins

Spiral Notebooks

Tote bags
Also ideal to be used as a stocking filler

iPhone Wallets

Stickers - always appreciated by the young crowd!

Or use them to stick on gifts for that personal touch.

And then, of course, there are the obligatory Christmas Cards, nothing says it like a from-the-heart hand-written note!

Unisex T-shirts

There are many more products like clothing, home décor, greeting cards and postcards, framed prints and kids' clothing. For a more comprehensive look at what's available, please feel free to stop by my PORTFOLIO, you're sure to find something that pleases you! You can also visit my SHOP, just click on "Department" and/or "Product" for a wide variety on offer.