Creative and cool use of STICKERS

Pocket-sized art you can stick anywhere.


Individual slices of personality, totally unique and 400% awesome! Turn a boring laptop / notebook / otherwise plain surface into your own personal game farm with a selection of animal stickers. Finally you can have lions, giraffe, buffalo and wild dogs all hanging out together being bros.

If you take time to notice throughout your day, you will find that stickers are used for a tremendous number of reasons. Almost everywhere you look you’ll see stickers employed to decorate, advertise or communicate important information. Anyone trying to promote a business or organization should understand the usefulness of stickers in achieving their goals. Those who enjoy crafting and decorating will also love using stickers to brighten up and enhance any project, be it a photo album, a diary or journal or storage boxes.

With a little bit of lateral thinking, the trusty sticker or label can be used in a tonne of creative ways without breaking the bank. Stickers provide quick and easy labels when you are making up folders, they can be used for scrap-booking, placed on water bottles and coffee mugs, jars of canned fruit, pet dishes, laptops, binders, gift boxes, pencil boxes, flower pots, helmets, party invitations and even your mail box!

One-off die-cut Stickers. Removable, waterproof and extremely awesome. All sizes have 1/8th" / 3.2mm white borders. No minium amount to order.

RedBubble stickers now come in a variety of sizes, from small to extra large, so if you want to make your satellite TV dish antenna look different from others or if you wish to camouflage it or even make it stand out, the extra large size is ideal! These cool stickers, when applied to your bag, is sure to draw attention and makes it easily identifiable.

Happy birthday - ideal to stick on gifts

Party invitation - Come and share a pot of tea

Advice for a friend - Coffee solves everything 

 Words of encouragement - Everybody deserves somebody

Nature conservation message - My horn is not medicine!

Stick to your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder - Affirmation for forgiveness

To stick on an impromptu gift - Just because

Below are some stickers for the wildlife enthusiast

Stickers and labels will never go out of fashion -  When you want longevity but you haven’t got a blockbuster budget, stickers are the perfect vehicle to make sure your message really sticks around!  So if you're looking for that special sticker for a gift or to convey a special message, please feel free to visit my portfolio, where you will find a wide range to suit all tastes.

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