Tuesday, 4 November 2014

T-Shirts & Hoodies

I love my tees and hoodies so much I could talk about them all day, but that’d be a bit weird! So I’ll just say that I'm immensely proud of the quality of all the garments on RedBubble and the super futuristic technology that creates these unique t-shirts and hoodie prints. The t-shirts are long lasting, individual and extremely useful for abiding by public decency laws.
  • Sweatshop-free, ethically sourced cotton apparel
  • Twelve apparel styles for boys and girls-young and old
  • Huge range of exciting colors
  • Printed using cutting edge direct to garment technologies

Care Instructions

I advise you cold-wash your garments and hang them out to dry. It’ll keep them super soft, looking their best and it’s even good for the environment.


Slim fit, order a size up if you’d like it less fitting. If you like your hoodies baggy, go two sizes up.

The Unisex Tank Top is a pure Jersey cotton masterpiece. It has a loose drape perfect for the summer heat or for layering. Being Unisex I recommend women to order one size down.

The Women’s T-Shirt is a 100% cotton slim-fitting masterpiece. Ethically sourced, beautifully tailored and available in a huge array of bright and cheery colours to suit any season. If suiting seasons is your thing.

The California Fleece Pullover Hoodie is an incredibly long name, but then it’s an incredibly good product.
It’s unisex, 100% fleece cotton, (gets softer when you wash it don’t you know) has a fancy kangaroo pocket and matching drawstrings for doing excellent Kenny impressions. It’s a similar size construction to the Standard American unisex t-shirt, but you may find you want it baggier and therefore one size up may be preferable. It’s a lightweight hoodie, hence the ‘California’ reference, but still cosy as a log fire. A California fleece zipped hoodie is easy to put on and throw off. Because you never know when you’ll need to duck into a phone booth!

The long sleeve version of the unisex/men’s T-shirt. I could write some new copy about how amazing they are, but it would be pretty much the same as the paragraph above.

Unisex T-shirt
Take our unisex T-Shirt and just make the sleeves longer - sizing, fabric and fit are all exactly the same, though unfortunately XXXL and some colours are not available. They’re slightly more expensive because you get more sleeve.

You can find all my T-shirt designs HERE.


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