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Is your closet begging for cute leggings? If there's one fashion item I can't get enough of, it's leggings. Leggings are one of my must-have pieces — I repeat: I can't get enough! Worn by both men and women, leggings are a wardrobe must-have. And as an avid legging addict, I can say that I wear these gems as pants more often than not.

RedBubble's leggings are made with 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane, they have a Stretch waistband and are fully printed on both front and back side. Play nice with your leggings and hand wash only.

The debate of "are leggings pants?" has been going on for years and it's one that often comes with a lot of judgement towards the practitioner. Leggings are frequently thought to be sloppy — an easy way out of putting effort into how you look. On a ridiculous, misinformed and backwards level, they're also associated with a certain "asking for it" mentality. I think people who have this mentality are just jealous of how comfortable we legging-wearers are and just want to feel better about their stiff pants-wearing habits. After all, isn't insecurity the first culprit of criticism?

There's also the perception that leggings don't look flattering on most people. This is a social idea that we need to completely get rid of: the idea of clothing being "flattering." You'll see this buzzword used everywhere in the fashion world and it's totally just an excuse to fat shame those who decide to show off their bodies. The idea that certain clothing styles only look good on certain types of bodies is ridiculous! Plus, perhaps those of us who are curvy don't actually want to look thin — shocking, isn't it?! Leggings look fine on anyone who wants to wear them and that is the end of the "flattering" debate.

Another common fat-shaming comment you'll hear about people who are over 140 pounds who decide to wear leggings is, "She doesn't have the body to wear those leggings". Again, you don't need to have a certain type of body to wear certain types of clothes — they make leggings in sizes for everyone! How big or small you are shouldn't be a warrant to limit someone's wardrobe choices. So yes, she does have the body to wear those (and whatever else she wants!).

I've heard "Just because they're comfortable doesn't mean you should wear them". Yes, it does. Comfort should absolutely be one of the first rules of style and I refuse to not wear a piece of clothing because it's comfortable — isn't that sort of masochistic? You should wear whatever you want to, especially things that are comfy.

One of the great things about fashion in today's world is that the line between workout clothes and daytime clothes is continuing to blur. We're seeing designers cross-over into the once rigid binary between clothes designed for work and play, which I think is great! It's nice to have more clothing options that work for multiple occasions and not have everything be so separated. So although leggings were perhaps once only for the gym in the '80s, in today's world they aren't limited to being worn in one place.
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At the office - image from Today Style

But of course your best guide as to when to wear leggings is going to be your common sense. If your work-place frowns on leggings, then obviously you won't be wearing them to the office, nor will you wear them if YOU don't feel comfortable in them.

So, all debates aside, and whether you're a 'plain black' girl or love patterns and colours, here are some stunning leggings for you to consider!

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