These Drawstring bags are made from quality woven fabrics, and feature a huge selection of prints and designs. They are also easy on the eyes, and the shoulders.
  • Made from 100% polyester woven fabric
  • Wide, soft draw-cord that’s easy on your shoulders
  • Durable quality metal grommets
  • Long-lasting printed design on both front and back
  • Size 15,5" x 19,5" 
  • Large zipped pocket on the inside
  • Fully lined
Waiting for Summer - Women's T-shirt

This bag is the perfect fashion accessory that you can team with many of the products, like a matching T-shirt, leggings, pencil skirt or scarf.

Ideal for school, jetting from class to class while carrying all your smarty-pants tools like books and computers and calculators and whatnot, these bags will do the trick. Off to the the beach? Perfect for carrying a book, shades, sunscreen, and a towel, these bags are ready to hit the sand and surf! Gym enthusiasts will also be sure to love these bags for all their workout needs.

For cyclists, a drawstring bag can cart groceries from the market, carry a jacket, or hold your helmet when you stop off for a break. The bag even has a large zipped pocket to safely keep your dollars within easy reach.

One of my designs I bought recently, "Black Wildebeest"

For a weekend at the Game Reserve, the hiker will need a perfect lightweight bag to carry along a water bottle, trail mix, sunscreen, and more. Choice designs for those into the outdoors scene are available in my wildlife portfolio.

Sleeping over at a friend? Take everything you need from slippers to a change of clothing for the next day!

Instead of using a disposable plastic bag for any purchases at the supermarket, use your drawstring bag. It’s stronger than a plastic bag, so it will carry more weight than a plastic bag and it's kind to the environment, no plastic to dispose of.

You never think about how much a pair of dry shoes matters until you’ve stepped in 12 puddles on the way to work in the rain and then have to sit there with wet shoes. When the weather’s wet outside, toss an extra pair of shoes in the drawstring bag, grab an umbrella and you’re set for a rainy day. 

Christmas is upon us and these bags make the perfect Christmas stocking. It can be stuffed with all sorts of exciting Christmas goodies and in itself is a gorgeous Christmas gift!

But best of all, YOU decide what you want to use your drawstring bag for, I'm sure you can come up with many more ideas! 


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