Monday, 27 February 2017

For the daisy-lover!

I don't know about you, but I'm totally mad for daisies! I plant them, I pick them, I eat them and I paint them! For starters, their name has the most charming origin. Daisy comes from the Old English "daes eage," meaning "day's eye." The name refers to the way they close their petals in the evening, and open again at dawn, marking the beginning of a new day!

Daisies are found everywhere on Earth except the Arctics and belong to the family of 'vascular plants' - those which circulate nutrients and water throughout the plant. They make up almost 10% of all flowering plants on Earth.

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I love Daisies.
No doubt about it, they are a happy flower.
And tough as nails.
Some have long elegant petals that gracefully drape.
Some are more fluffy and ruffled than others.
And some are more sedate with just a couple of rows of petals.
Each one seems to be slightly different than the next.

Of Thee, sweet Daisy!
bold lover of the sun,
And cheerful when the day's begun
Thy long-lost praise shall remain
Art Nature's favourite.

So head on over to my portfolio and try some Daisies today! 

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