Tuesday, 25 October 2016

COMING SOON! Wall Clocks (Now available!)

Some days it feels like there just isn’t enough time! Well now, you can have all the time you want with these new clocks which will be available in my RedBubble portfolio shortly. This latest product is perfect for those that like to watch time go by in the most artistic way possible.

The clock has a bamboo wood frame with a natural finish or painted black or white. The clock has diameter of 10.25” and a frame frame depth of 2”. It has a high quality, printed polypropylene face and a quartz clock mechanism. A hook is built into back of the face of the clock so that you can easily hang it on the wall.

I have chosen certain display settings for the clocks in my portfolio, but you will be able to customise the hand and frame colour yourself. Play around and see which setting you like best when purchasing a clock.

 Perfect for the kitchen!

Perfect for the kitchen or your green grocer shop!

 For the man in your life!

Make sure to keep an eye on this space and feel free to pop into my portfolio from time-to-time to keep up to date with any new additions.

Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, 21 October 2016

My artwork available as an App for iPhone and iPad

Do you ever wish you had MORE icons on your iPhone or iPad to use when messaging? Sick and tired of all the same old icons on your phone?

Well, finally, a dream come true! Some of my artwork is now available as an App of stickers for iPhone and iPad, to use with iMessage, available on the Apple iStore, developed by Donovan Crewe from Ballito, South Africa. Both my Apps have already been featured in the iStore, with one being considered for PROMOTION.

App for iPhone or iPad - Maree Clarkson Fine Art - Birds

All these images are also available as stickers from my RedBubble store. Individual slices of personality, totally unique and 400% awesome! Turn a boring laptop / notebook / otherwise plain surface into your own personal game farm with a selection of animal stickers. Finally you can have lions, giraffe, buffalo and wild dogs all hanging out together being bros!

If you take time to notice throughout your day, you will find that stickers are used for a tremendous number of reasons. Almost everywhere you look you’ll see stickers employed to decorate, advertise or communicate important information. Anyone trying to promote a business or organization should understand the usefulness of stickers in achieving their goals. Those who enjoy crafting and decorating will also love using stickers to brighten up and enhance any project, be it a photo album, a diary or journal or storage boxes, even Christmas gifts!

Stickers and labels will never go out of fashion -  When you want longevity but you haven’t got a blockbuster budget, stickers are the perfect vehicle to make sure your message really sticks around!  So if you're looking for that special sticker for a gift or to convey a special message, please feel free to visit my portfolio, where you will find a wide range to suit all tastes.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Styling tips for your new Wall tapestry

RedBubble tapestries come in all your favourite styles ranging from bright florals to landscape scenes and wildlife. These tapestries are available in three sizes - Small (60" x 51"), Medium (80" x 68") and Large (104" x 88").

Whatever the space you’re decorating, I recommend the following suggestions for creating a cozy, artful room. 

"Tropical Garden IV" by Burcu Korkmazyurek

For those of you who rent, or would prefer not to poke holes in your walls…
  1. Velcro – Yep, velcro. Self-adhesive velcro can be purchased in long strips at many of your local hardware and craft stores. Simply apply some sections along your tapestry, then a section to the wall and VIOLA. Easy peasy. Tapestry hung.
  2. Command adhesive strips – Pretty much the ‘duct tape’ of the modern home, adhesive strips can be wonderful for hanging just about anything without adding holes to the walls or your tapestry. An additional fun idea, you can use the mini clothes-pins that come with every Redbubble tee or bulldog clips. Simply stick the mini-pins or clips to the adhesive strips and you have a perfect way to hang your tapestry, hole free.

Some other fun, styling tips for your tapestry:
  1. Headboard – Fasten your tapestry around your bed’s headboard to create a relaxing space, reducing the need for all that sheep-counting.
  2. Picnic Blanket – What could be better than a music festival or a picnic spent hanging out with your favorite artwork? Plus, you can use it as a cover up if it rains.
  3. Throw blanket – Brighten up your room and furniture by using your tapestry as a throw blanket. Switch them out every season to reflect your favourite colours and designs!
  4. Gift wrap – Make a statement and give the gift that gets remembered. How to do this? Place your gift in the center, pull the corners together and tie.
  5. Tablecloth – A table can be a place for family and friends to meet up to chat, share a meal, enjoy a board game, or a cup of tea or coffee. What better way to express yourself than with a tablecloth that is perfect for you.

"Tropical Garden IV" by Burcu Korkmazyurek

For those whose walls and tapestries that can handle some holes: 
  1. Nails, push pins, and tacks – A staple (no pun intended) in most homes and dorms, nails and tacks can be a great way to hang your lightweight tapestry.
  2. Mounted on a wooden frame – With a bit of time and effort you can stretch your tapestry over a canvas or wooden frame and staple the tapestry in place. You can also use foam core in place of the wood backing.
  3. Rod in casing – With a bit of stitching or the use of a sewing machine, you can create a small casing in which you can insert a wooden rod. You can then hang this rod from a picture railing or hook.
  4. Hanging from the rafters (or ceiling) – you can create a bohemian style room by nailing or tacking your tapestry to the ceiling. Remember to allow the center of the tapestry to remain loose and flowy to complete the look.