Laptop Sleeves

Mountain goats are known for their resilience. They're able to take the bumps, scratches, and cliff top stumbles that comprise modern day life with sure-footed indifference.

The same can't be said for your laptop. Which is only ever one drop away from wiping your hard drive, and your collection of mountain goat fan fiction...

Redbubble's laptop sleeves offer you the best of both worlds, wrapping your most valuable asset in a foam cushioned, 100% customisable jacket. Simply choose the image or pattern you want, and enjoy the easy confidence and peace of mind formerly reserved for goats jumping off mountains. And if you have by any chance recently purchased one of the unique laptop skins or some cool stickers to beautify your laptop, even more the reason to protect your laptop with one of these versatile sleeves.
  • Custom front print and black rear
  • Polyester cover and foam padding protects from scratches and minor impacts
  • Black edging, black zip, black plush padded inside
  • Easy clean with a damp cloth
  • Sizes 12", 13" and 15" 
  • Suitable for the 12" Macbook, 13" Macbook Air, 13" & 15" 

With the huge selection of laptop bags available including traditional shoulder bags, laptop backpacks, laptop messengers, and totes, you might wonder why laptop sleeves are still made. However, they continue to be one of the most sought-after styles of computer bags today and with good reason. Laptop sleeves offer unique functionality for a variety of purposes.

And don't get me started on letting it go naked! Did you know that your gadget likes art as much as you? It’s true. I’ve been talking to laptop and it told me that all it really wants is to be fully decked out in one of the zillions of amazingly unique designs I have on offer. So thanks to RedBubble's sleeves and skins I've got a few ways for you to appease your tech friend and hold off the inevitable device-driven overthrow of humanity for at least another year!

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