Saturday, 20 February 2016

All you need is tea and fuzzy socks!

There is nothing more wonderful than being cosy under a snugly duvet! Winter is time for Sweaters. Boots. Fall. Leaves. Scarves. Hot chocolate. Cuddling. Jeans. Tea. Hoodies. Crisp air. Late nights. And Sunday sleep-ins. And what is more wonderful than to experience it under a beautiful duvet, printed with gorgeous, original art on a brushed cotton/poly cover. Each one is made to order and then softened afterwards to ensure you a no-nonsense day of lazing about in comfort after calling in sick at work.

I change my duvet covers with the seasons - warm colours for winter, cool colours for summer. With so many colours and designs to choose from from my duvet portfolio, you will never be without the right feel for your bedroom! 

With a Brushed polyester printed topside and soft cotton/polyester off-white underside, the duvet cover has a concealed zipper and ties for securing your duvet inside. It is machine washable on a cold water gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent, but stay away from the bleach.

Someone somewhere is thinking of you duvet cover - King size

The duvet covers come in the following sizes :

Twin : 68" x 88"
Queen : 88" x 88"
King : 104" x 88"

Aloe sunset duvet cover - Twin

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! duvet cover - Queen

And for Spring, "Daisy serenity" duvet cover - Twin

There’s serenity here… The one place where I can finally hear my thoughts.


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