Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Know when it's time to move on

You have to start somewhere. Your career might begin in childhood when a parent praises a class assignment and hangs it on the refrigerator. You move on to making work for family and friends and it gets seen in private homes. Everyone encourages you, so you put your art at the local coffee shop.

Your art might sell and it might not sell at the coffee shop. You don’t care. Okay you kinda care, but heck! You have a free place to hang your art. So you keep putting it there over and over again. Why not? It’s comfortable.

Thats precisely when you know its time to move on. When something starts feeling too easy, you must re-evaluate and make sure it’s serving your goals. You’ll never get anywhere by playing it safe. Moving beyond your comfort zone is a big step, but necessary if you want more from your art.

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I would love to hear your experiences with marketing and showing your art, what methods do you use, which have you found are worthwhile and which are you giving up, and why?



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