Monday, 25 January 2016

When all else fails...

Creativity is a funny thing. One moment you can be totally inspired and the next it seems as if the well has dried up. Muse gone. Nothing left. No ideas. No matter how you wrack your brain, you just cannot seem to come up with anything creative.

So, when all else fails...

... take a bath. A nice hot bath always makes me feel better

It's total luxury . all that water . all that warmth

All those bubbles . candles

Soft towels

surround yourself with things that you love . indigenous grasses . a basket filled with fresh towels . found shells . a vintage powder dish

blue glass pebbles . candles to soak by . bliss

Philodendron Syngonium Cultivar keeping me company in the bathroom

Somehow, some of my best ideas have materialised while relaxing in the bubbles - sunlight on some pebbles, a shadow on the wall which looks like a giraffe and random thoughts and words flitting through my mind - the only problem is, often I have to rush en get out of the bath to make notes before it all disappears! lol!