Saturday, 10 September 2016

iPhone 7 cases are here!

As you have no doubt heard, Apple has announced the new iPhone 7 and its colossal companion the iPhone 7 Plus. With the energy surrounding this new iPhone release, there’s no better time to purchase your iPhone case!

Pre-orders for the cases are starting NOW on RedBubble. The phone and cases will start shipping September 16th.

The iPhone 7 has a few new changes such as a larger camera lens, dual camera for the 7 plus, and the removal of the headphone jack. This means just a few minor changes to the cases, but the snap, tough, and wallet versions will all be available  to sweeten up your beloved phone.

So if you’re as jazzed as I am about this new product, spread the news to all your friends to be on the look-out for the new and exciting iPhone cases - and now is the time to make sure you get yours!

You can also visit my profile for an exciting array of other products, so see you there!

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