Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Coming soon! The A-line dress

I’m very excited to announce the A-Line Dress, the first all-over printed product available on the RedBubble marketplace. The A-Line dress is a simple loose-fitting trapeze dress constructed of two all-over printed panels.

Made from lightweight, silky, woven polyester fabric, the A-Line Dress can be worn to events that require either casual or fancy-pants attire. Well, not actual fancy PANTS, per se. It is a dress after all. But you get the drift.

Some full-bleed printed products like graphic t-shirt dresses and contrast tanks are currently available, which is super cool, but the A-Line Dress is a bit different. Unlike the T-shirt dress and the contrast tank, the A-line dress is printed both back and front. This style makes for a great canvas to showcase my artwork and has a loose and flowy fit to suit customers from all over the world.

Product Features:
    •    100% Polyester full bleed front and back print
    •    Sublimation printed allowing fabric to stay soft and drapey
    •    Made and printed in the USA

So please feel welcome to stop by again and catch up on the release of this fabulous product!


  1. This looks wonderful Maree! Wishing you bags full of sales!!!

    1. Thanks ever so much Liz! Can;t wait for the release, I can already see myself in the garden wearing one of these!