Friday, 25 September 2015

Living your dream

W&N watercolour on Bockingford 300gsm - ©Maree Clarkson

Living your dream is a relative term. Many of us are 'living our dream' without even realising it, going about our daily business 'unconsciously' and unaware of what we've achieved, always thinking about and striving for 'something' to achieve, that something we think is going to make our lives 'perfect'.

Your life is perfect just as it is. Where you are right now is where you're supposed to be. That doesn't mean that you stop wanting and desiring more and better, that is something we'll always be doing. It just means that you must enjoy your journey while heading for the destination. All we have is NOW, and if you can't enjoy now, what makes you think you're going to enjoy THEN? The journey is as much part of living your dream as reaching the destination is.

Reaching your 'destination' could happen next week, or it might take you your whole lifetime to achieve it, and imagine living 'in limbo' while you wait for this wondrous 'destination' to appear, the successful business, the slim body, the huge bank account, being acknowledged as an artist or the perfect meditation. 

When you ENJOY building that successful business, enjoy doing whatever it takes to get that slim body, enjoy saving and building up the big bank account, enjoy sketching and painting and the process of your art, enjoy meditation and the peace it brings, while you are ENJOYING these things and living in the moment, you are also LIVING YOUR DREAM.


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